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Magenta Kang has lived and worked in Littleport for several years and has exhibited her art from her studio based in the Old School.

A desire for more studio space, the ever-present need for expanded exhibition areas and a desire to offer residential courses meant that when the house next door came up for purchase it was too good an opportunity to pass by!

The gallery and guesthouse is an extension of the artist's studio providing three large areas for work, exhibitions and teaching or taken together as self-catering accommodation for up to 5 people.​

We are developing links with other businesses following a similar model such as our friends in Tongyeong !


Visitors to the gallery & guesthouse often ask if I am willing to take commissions.  I am very happy to do so and I have prepared some documentation describing how the process works, available via my main web site.

If you are interested, please have a look at the documents and contact me to talk things through!

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